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CPR | BLS - Basic Life Support Provider American Heart Association Training Classes
BLS Provider certification, recertification, and renewal of expired certificate.
Healthcare Provider or Layperson.

Basic Life Support Provider Classroom
AHA BLS Healthcare Provider, Healthcare CPR

CPR | BLS| BLS-Basic Life Support courses, whether you elect e-learning or traditional classroom, offers instruction for adult, child, and infant:
1- and 2-Rescuer CPR, AED use, Bag-mask use, Rescue breathing, and choking. The classroom is recommended for initial  CPR training to permit students to ask questions and engage in interactive practical hands-on assistance. Elearning is less physically demanding for students with special needs and is performed 1 student per skills session. If you have special needs please inform us before the course to ensure you have a stress-free experience. You are welcome to bring adaptive equipment.
Receive card upon successful completion.
Duration: 3 hours classroom
Total  $65

Pros: more economical than the online option and simple instruction.
Cons: group setting.

HeartCode® BLS Provider Online CPR 
In-person skills session.
BLS | Basic Life Support Provider 
American Heart Association certification.

​​​Part 1: Via the web.Basic Life Support Provider online.Available 24/7 online.1-2 hours to complete. $34.

This in-person 30-minute skills session is a hands-on psychomotor learning evaluation.
Part 2: one on one in-person hands-on practice.
Part 3: Evaluation. $45.
Total Cost $79 | $34 American Heart Association HeartCode® + $45 CPR Buddy.
Receive card upon successful completion.

Pros: Self-paced online instruction.with fewer physical demands than classroom.
Cons: More expensive than classroom

Intended Audience
Layperson or Healthcare Provider. The course is designed for certified, non-certified, licensed, and non-licensed healthcare professionals. Healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, respiratory, physical, occupational, and speech therapists; physician’s assistants, residents or fellows; medical, nursing, and dental students in training; aides, medical or nursing assistants, police officers, personal trainers, and other allied health personnel. The course is designed for certified, non-certified, licensed, and non-licensed individuals.

CPR Buddy realizes that each student has a different learning style. Whereas a traditional classroom may be preferred to the blended approach of the internet with in-person skills sessions. E-learning provides anytime, anywhere, convenience that offers a timely solution. We welcome all students, whether this is your initial renewal BLS certification! Expired students are eligible for any courses offered.

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