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CPR | BLS - Basic Life Support Provider American Heart Association Training Classes
BLS Provider certification, recertification, and renewal of expired certificate.
Healthcare Provider or Layperson.

HeartCode® BLS Provider is elearning with in-person skills session. BLS | Basic Life Support Provider | American Heart Association

​​​Part 1: Via the web.Basic Life Support Provider online.Available 24/7 online.1-2 hours to complete. $34.

This in-person 30-minute skills session is a hands-on psychomotor learning evaluation—one student per session.
Part 2: one on one in-person hands-on practice.
Part 3: Evaluation. $45.
Total Cost $79 | $34 American Heart Association HeartCode® + $45 CPR Buddy.
Receive card upon successful completion.

Pros: Self-paced online instruction. one student per session, fewer physical demands

Cons: More expensive than classroom



Basic Life Support Provider Classroom
AHA BLS Healthcare Provider, Healthcare CPR

CPR | BLS-Basic Life Support courses, whether you elect e-learning or traditional classroom, offers instruction for adult, child, and infant:
1- and 2-Rescuer CPR, AED use, Bag-mask use, Rescue breathing, and choking. The classroom is recommended for initial  CPR training to permit students to ask questions and engage in interactive practical hands-on assistance. Elearning is less physically demanding for students with special needs and is performed 1 student per skills session. If you have special needs please inform us before the course to ensure you have a stress-free experience. You are welcome to bring adaptive equipment.

Receive card upon successful completion.

Duration: 3 hours classroom

Total  $65

Pros: more economical than the online option and simple instruction.

Cons: group setting.

​Intended Audience

Layperson or Healthcare Provider. The course is designed for certified, non-certified, licensed, and non-licensed healthcare professionals. Healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, respiratory, physical, occupational, and speech therapists; physician’s assistants, residents or fellows; medical, nursing, and dental students in training; aides, medical or nursing assistants, police officers, personal trainers, and other allied health personnel. The course is designed for certified, non-certified, licensed, and non-licensed individuals.

CPR Buddy realizes that each student has a different learning style. Whereas a traditional classroom may be preferred to the blended approach of the internet with in-person skills sessions. E-learning provides anytime, anywhere, convenience that offers a timely solution. We welcome all students, whether this is your initial renewal BLS certification! Expired students are eligible for any courses offered.

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