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BLS Provider online with In-person Skills Session


30 minutes in -person | 90 minutes online.

HeartCode® BLS Provider online elearning with in-person skills session.
BLS |Basic Life Support Provider | American Heart Association

​​​Part 1: Via the web.Basic Life Support Provider online .Available 24/7 online.1-2 hours to complete. $31.00. BLS SKILLS SESSION:

This in-person 30-minute skills session is a hands-on psychomotor learning evaluation—one student per session. Part 2: one on one in-person hands-on practice. Part 3: Evaluation. $45.00. Total Cost $77.50 ($32.50 American Heart Association HeartCode® + $45.00 CPR Buddy) Receive card upon successful completion.

Pros: Self-paced online instruction. one student per session, fewer physical demands

Cons: More expensive than classroom.

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