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BLS | Basic Life Support:
American Heart Association
BLS Certification.
CPR Card Issued Same Day.

  • Classroom Courses: Interactive instructor-led sessions offering comprehensive BLS training with real-time feedback.

  • ​HeartCode® BLS Provider Online with in-person Skills Session: Combine the flexibility of online theory with practical, in-person skills assessment for a comprehensive BLS certification experience.

  • Mobile Classrooms: Convenient on-site training options bringing BLS certification courses directly to your organization or community.

Basic Life Support Certification:
Hands-on in-Person American Heart Association BLS classroom. 

Receive AHA BLS certification on the same day.

Elevate your medical expertise with our AHA-accredited BLS Certification courses, tailored for healthcare professionals. Our in-person sessions blend CPR, AED, and critical BLS skills training with real-world application, guided by seasoned instructors. Achieve your certification and empower your ability to save lives with confidence.

Basic Life Support BLS Certification | AHA

Adult | Child | Infant
Healthcare Provider or Layperson.

Duration: 3 hours classroom
Total  $65

Two-Year Lifespan:
Recharge your CPR superpowers on time.

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CPR Certification Near Me


​Explore HeartCode® BLS Provider Online with in-person Skills for
AHA BLS Certification for Healthcare Professionals

Watch our insightful video below to see what makes our Heartcode Skills Sessions stand out. From the comfort of your home, learn the theoretical aspects of BLS, then join us for a hands-on demonstration to complete your certification. See firsthand the blend of convenience and quality our course offers.

PART 1: $36  

Via the web.Basic Life Support Provider online.Available 24/7 online.1-2 hours to complete.
This in-person 30-minute skills session is a hands-on psychomotor learning evaluation.
PART 2: In-person hands-on practice.
Part 3: Evaluation. 


$36 American Heart Association HeartCode®

$45 CPR Buddy.

Beat the Confusion:
Your CPR & BLS FAQs, Cleared!

Why choose CPR Buddy for Basic Life Support (BLS) training?
CPR Buddy's BLS training is backed by the American Heart Association, the gold standard in lifesaving courses, ensuring that our certifications are accepted by most employers across St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, and beyond. Whether you're a healthcare professional or someone looking to learn essential lifesaving skills, our courses provide the credible and recognized training you need.

Can I take AHA courses online, or do I need to attend in person?
CPR Buddy offers a blend of online and in-person training options. Our online courses are perfect for those who prefer the convenience of self-paced learning. However, it's important to note that online courses also require an in-person skills session to complete your certification. This ensures you gain hands-on experience under the guidance of our certified instructors, a crucial component for mastering life-saving techniques.

Can I sign up for CPR Buddy's online HeartCode BLS course from anywhere in Tampa Bay?
Yes, our online HeartCode BLS course is accessible anywhere in the Tampa Bay area or from any location with internet access. CPR Buddy offers AHA-certified online courses that meet employer requirements and provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

What makes CPR Buddy's traditional and mobile classroom BLS courses unique?
CPR Buddy's traditional and mobile classroom BLS courses stand out because we bring the gold standard of American Heart Association-certified training directly to you. Our mobile classrooms serve the entire Tampa Bay area, offering the convenience of high-quality, employer-accepted lifesaving education at your doorstep.

How long is my BLS certification through CPR Buddy valid?
Your BLS certification with CPR Buddy, endorsed by the American Heart Association, is valid for two years. This ensures that you have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to respond effectively in emergency situations. We make it easy to renew your certification with us, keeping your credentials current and recognized by employers.

Why is American Heart Association certification considered the gold standard?
American Heart Association (AHA) certification is considered the gold standard because it's based on the latest scientific research and guidelines for CPR and emergency cardiovascular care. This means that a BLS certification from CPR Buddy is not only widely accepted by employers but also ensures you receive training that reflects current best practices in lifesaving techniques.

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