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American Heart Association Certification Courses at CPR Buddy

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification for Critical Care Healthcare Providers

Our ACLS courses are tailored for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their skills in managing cardiac and breathing emergencies. These comprehensive sessions cover key aspects such as cardiac arrests, acute coronary syndromes, intubation, and stroke management.

Basic Life Support (BLS)  for Everyone: Healthcare Providers and Laypersons

Learn the fundamentals of high-quality adult, child, and infant chest compressions, effective ventilation, and AED usage in our BLS training. This course is crucial for both medical personnel and individuals who wish to be prepared for any emergency. This course is designed for you.



BLS Instructor Course: Teach CPR | Heartsaver | and Save Lives

Elevate your qualifications with our BLS Instructor course. This program is specially designed for individuals who have mastered Basic Life Support and wish to impart these crucial skills to others. As a BLS Instructor, you'll play a vital role in educating and equipping others with lifesaving techniques, significantly expanding the community's capacity to respond to emergencies.


HeartSaver First Aid CPR AED: Be Prepared for Any Situation

This course is ideal for anyone seeking to learn basic first aid, CPR, and AED skills. Whether you're a personal trainer, security guard, boat captain, teacher, parent, or just someone who wants to be prepared.

Introduction to AHA Online E-Learning  with in-person skills training 


Embark on a journey of professional growth with the American Heart Association (AHA) e-learning courses. These courses blend the latest healthcare knowledge with the convenience of online learning. Ideal for busy professionals, they offer a flexible path to enhancing your skills in critical areas like CPR, First Aid, BLS, and ACLS.

Mobile and In-Person Training Locations: Learn Where You Are

  • Tampa Bay, Florida: Experience our dynamic mobile classes, bringing high-quality training right to your doorstep. Ten student minimum. If you have fewer than ten students, join us at our St. Petersburg office for equally dynamic and comprehensive courses by appointment for small groups.

  • St. Petersburg, Florida: Join CPR Buddy's tailored American Heart Association courses in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Our interactive training is perfect for individuals and groups, offering a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Join us for convenient, high-quality American Heart Association training, tailored to your needs in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg.

Why Choose CPR Buddy?

Expertise at Your Fingertips: Our certified, experienced instructors lead each course with a focus on practical skills.

Flexibility for Your Schedule: With both in-person and online options, our courses fit into your busy life.

Up-to-Date and Relevant: We regularly update our courses with the latest AHA guidelines to ensure you're learning the most current techniques.

Community-Focused: Our mission is to make our neighborhoods safer through comprehensive, accessible education.


Our Classes: Your Path to Becoming a Lifesaver Starts Here

  1. Choose Your Course: Select from our range of AHA courses tailored to your interests and needs.

  2. Register Online: Secure your spot in our next training session with a few easy clicks.

  3. Begin Your Lifesaving Journey: Gain the skills and confidence to make a real difference.

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